WiFi Boosters Reviews

Compact and easy set up for travel
Boosts range of current router
Dual antennas with speeds up to 300Mbps

Are you struggling with dead zones in your house? When my router isn’t in just the right position, the other side of my home becomes a dead zone. I...

Plug and play set up, easy for beginners
Sleek, compact design 
Strong connection without interruption 

Do you want a faster Internet connection with better range? Yes, you do. Everyone wants a faster Internet that spans their entire home. No one is clapping their hands...


When your Wi-Fi signal is weak or your connection doesn’t extend as far as you want, a Wi-Fi booster can help. But there are so many boosters on the...

Four external antennas
Great compatibility function with most routers
Smart LED signal indicates optimal location for set up

A lot of WiFi extenders can be pretty restrictive. Many don’t offer dual band function, and you’re pretty limited in the performance department. That’s why I was pretty impressed...

Strong connection extended to smart devices
Dual band WiFi up to 300 Mbps
Easy set up

OptiCover’s WiFi extender has a sleek look and boasts some unique features that caught my attention. But can this WiFi extender beat my pick for the best WiFi range...

Covers up to 175 square meters
Dual antenna for optimal boosting
Simple set up

When I first saw the MSRM WiFi extender, I was pretty skeptical that it would work as well as my favorite WiFi repeater: Super Boost WiFi. And for the...

Easy set up
Compatible with any router
Discreet and compact, perfect for traveling 

TP-Link is a company that I know and trust, so when I saw the N300, I knew I had to give this product a try. What made this extender...