April 10, 2021

You probably have asked yourself why when measuring signal strength dBm is the unit of choice? Or why is dBm signal strength always expressed as a negative number? Or what is dBm to begin with? WiFi uses radio signals for transferring data wirelessly between computers and other devices. Very often you will find in various […]

April 9, 2021

Many business owners want to know how to extend their Wifi to another building, such as from their main office to a barn or storage unit. Unfortunately, this has never been an easy task. On the bright side, technology has evolved a lot to allow you to extend the internet to another building. You just […]

March 6, 2021

Introduction Pretty much everyone has a WiFi router in their house nowadays and we all use it every day. But sometimes the WiFi signal is not strong enough and that can get pretty annoying, especially when you are in the middle of a YouTube video and it starts buffering. But did you know that you […]

March 5, 2021

How to Install a Wifi Booster and Other Devices. So, in this day and age, where wifi is vital to connect to co-workers, friends, family, and practically everything else, be it recent news, entertainment, or even just uploading a picture to your phone, you need wifi to do it. But, you can’t get it everywhere, […]

March 4, 2021

There is nothing more annoying than weak WiFi signals. None of us likes to wait for web pages to load after paying so much for a WiFi connection. However, even when you get the strongest WiFi router, there are some corners of your home where the signals are always weaker. It’s the 21st century, and […]