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Top 6 Best WiFi Extenders of 2022

FEATURES/PRODUCT Range XTDRangeXTD TrifiboostTrifiboost NighthawkNighthawk
RATING 9.8 9.6 8.5
Price Best Value! Most Advanced! Expensive!
Number of bands 2.4Ghz 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz 2.4 & 5GHz
Coverage area Large houses Large houses Small Houses
Data Speed 300 Mbps 433 Mbps Up to 1900Mbps
Antennas 2 built-in 3 3
Wired LAN Ports 1 LAN port and 1 WAN/LAN port 1 LAN port and 1 WAN/LAN port Five (5) 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
Router Functionality Included Included Included
Signal strength indicator 3 levels: Excellent Reception, Medium Reception, Weak Reception 3 levels: Full Reception, Medium Reception, Weak Reception None
Set up Easy Easy Complicated
Design Elegant Modern Spacious
Final Verdict Our Choice #1! Our Choice #2! Not Recommended
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The Internet is vital in 2022. More people are working from home, streaming has replaced cable and you can order anything you want online. When your wireless network lacks a strong signal through your home, the best WiFi extender is what you need.

A wireless WiFi extender can obliterate dead zones, increase your signal strength and get rid of pesky buffering products.

We’ve dealt with the hard part of finding the best WiFi extender, read through countless wireless range extender reviews and have personally tested dozens of WiFi extenders.

Top 6 Best WiFi Boosters


Top Pick: RangeXTD Review

RangeXTD is our first choice, and it has advanced features that make it better than Super Boost Wifi. When you’re struggling with dead zones, this wifi extender comes to the rescue. You don’t have to worry about losing your WiFi signal when you leave a room.

There’s no fuss with positioning.

Two built-in antennas allow you to extend your signal at speeds up to 300mbps – far more than you need for browsing the web, watching Netflix or doing virtually anything else you want with your router.

And there’s a “Wizard” setup that allows you to get up and running with this wifi extender fast.
If you’ve tried connecting similar devices in the past, you know how finnicky they can be. Connecting is difficult, but it’s not difficult when you have a WPS button that allows for single-push connectivity.

State-of-the-art encryption will also keep your data safe. You’ll find several modes and power controls, and there’s support for:

  • WPA-PSK encryption
  • WPA2-PSK encryption

And you have access to a LAN and a WAN/LAN port. If you want to see your signal strength, there’s an LED light that shows you the strength of your signal.

Compact and easy to install, you’ll find that RangeXTD is able to extend your range with very little effort. It’s an extender that comes very close to matching the quality of Trifiboost.


  • Compact and easy set up for travel
  • Boosts range of current router
  • Dual antennas with speeds up to 300Mbps


  • Might be slow to connect if not set up near router


Trifiboost Review

Trifiboost is our go-to Wi-Fi extender. We’re not even bragging. This is the new generation of Wi-Fi extension. You’ll be able to extend your signal like never before with some features that we really can’t wait to tell you about.

Three antennas push this booster to new limits with the ability to extend signal range further than other extenders while maintaining high speeds. You’ll be able to extend your signal’s range with speeds of:

  • 300mbps on 2.4GHz
  • 433mbps on 5GHz

Blazing fast speeds are accompanied by a turbo booster feature which will push your Internet speeds to new heights. There’s also a smart Wi-Fi light to be able to see the signal strength at a glance.

The ability to switch between numerous channels makes the extender a versatile choice, especially for high-end routers. A turbo feature allows you to further refine your unit’s performance, with 100% and 75% options.

A tri-antenna setup allows for the signal strength to be stronger and reach areas of the home or office that other extenders fail to reach.

Antenna positions can be adjusted, so you can point the antenna towards the router to be able to pick up weak signals. Dead zones are no match for Trifiboost, and it’s so simple to get up and running – it will take you minutes.

If you rely on high-performance Wi-Fi and need a booster that will be able to keep signal strength high while also ensuring that every corner of your home has WiFi, Trifiboost is the extender that we recommend.


Nighthawk WiFi Mesh Extender AC1900 EX7000 Review

Netgear’s Nighthawk AC1900 is a wireless booster that is not as robust as others and loses major points because it‘s large. Rather than being compact, this model looks like a full-size router.

But despite the size, this Internet extender does offer impressive transfer speeds for a wireless network:

  • 600 Mbps at 2.4 GHz
  • 1,300 Mbps at 5 GHz

Both connections can run simultaneously, offering a powerful WiFi repeater able to provide extensive WiFi coverage for larger areas. You can plug into an ethernet port, there are five in total, for a stable connection for gaming or streaming.

There’s a USB 3.0 port in the front of the WiFi booster that makes it quick and easy to plug into the WiFi extender to connect a printer to your wireless network or share files from an external hard drive.

Setup is a breeze if you have a WPS-enabled router. Tap the WPS button on your router extender, and the two devices will connect to each other. When you go on your WiFi device, look for your current network name with “EXT” added to it. This is the network name of your WiFi extender.

Coverage is up to 2,100 sq. ft., so this is a great option for an outdoor WiFi extender or as a long range WiFi extender.

If you’re interested in learning more about this WiFi range extender, we have an extensive WiFi extender review for you to read.


  • Simple WPS setup
  • 2,100 sq. ft. range
  • Dual band wireless network boost


  • Bulky, large size


Netgear WiFi Range Extender EX2700 – N300 Review

Netgear’s N300 WiFi extender is a plug in WiFi extender that provides coverage for up to 800 sq. ft. – perfect for a home WiFi booster. The N300 is compact and plugs right into a wall socket without covering the second socket.

Two antennas are built-in to allow the Internet extender to provide up to 300 Mbps speeds and connection of 10 wireless devices.

This WiFi extender provides:

  • Wired ethernet port
  • WiFi analyzer app
  • WPA/WPA2 wireless security

One-touch setup allows you to add your router extender to your network in five minutes of less. The WiFi booster allows for 10/100M ethernet port, so while you’re not going to enjoy gigabit ethernet, you can enjoy fast speeds up to 300 Mbps.

A major downfall of this WiFi extender, and one of the reasons why we wouldn’t consider this a competitor for the best WiFi extender, is that there is only one ethernet port on this Internet range extender. You can use an ethernet port for streaming, gaming and any time that you can benefit from a stronger, wired connection.

You definitely want a WiFi extender with ethernet ports if you’re going to be streaming a lot and buffering remains an issue. The best WiFi extender will include an ethernet option.

Overall, Netgear may not offer the best WiFi extender, but it’s a WiFi router extender that is quick to setup, it’s universally compatible and allows for 10 devices to be connected to your wireless extender. The best WiFi extender can connect to 10+ devices.


  • One-click setup
  • Discreet design fits right on wall socket
  • Spans 800 sq. ft. Ideal as a smaller space wireless extender


  • Only one ethernet port on this WiFi extender


Linksys RE6500 AC 1200 Dual-Band WiFi Extender Review

Linksys’s RE6500 is a WiFi extender that runs on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Designed to extend your WiFi and eliminate dead spots, this model offers superb WiFi coverage of up to 10,000 sq. Ft.

A lot of models that we include in our WiFi extender reviews do not offer extensive coverage like this model. You would find this WiFi repeater ideal as an outdoor WiFi extender due to the wide coverage area.

The RE6500 WiFi extender has four ethernet ports, an audio jack and offers the ability to stream music wirelessly.

When trying to setup your WiFi network repeater, you’ll find a few neat features:

  • Optimal placement finder
  • Spot finder technology
  • Push button connect

The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands can run at the same time, allowing for higher speeds and better coverage. One thing that we learned when reading WiFi extender reviews was that the RE6500 is compatible with almost all gateways and routers.

Crossband technology allows this WiFi extender the option of sharing information across bands, reducing the risk of data packet loss. As a long-range WiFi network repeater, the RE6500 works well, but it suffers from one main issue: significant speed loss.

A person with a gigabit ethernet may experience as much as 50% speed loss, depending on their current setup. Due to this level of speed loss, this is a WiFi network repeater that is good for a long-range WiFi extender at the loss of speed.


  • Good WiFi extender for 10,000 sq. ft. coverage
  • Dual band WiFi extender with minimal packet loss
  • Access point for easy music streaming


  • Loss of speed at longer distances


TP-Link AC1750 WiFi Range Extender Review

TP-Link’s AC1750 WiFi extender rounds out our WiFi extender reviews. The AC1750 is a PCMag Editor’s Choice WiFi extender, so we wanted to give it a try in our WiFi extender reviews to make sure we recommend the best WiFi extender for you.

Offering true gigabit ethernet capability, this WiFi network extender has three antennas, dual band capabilities and speeds of up to 1,750 Mbps.

As a WiFi booster, this model offers:

  • 32 device connections
  • Coverage of up to 2,000 sq. Ft.
  • Adjustable antennas

When setting up this WiFi repeater, you’ll find a smart indicator light that allows you to find the perfect location for your WiFi range extender. The indicator lights show the strength of the WiFi repeater, making it a great option if you value an easy setup.

A WPS button is included as well as a gigabit ethernet port ideal for gaming consoles, 4K TV, printers or PCs.

This is the most powerful WiFi range extender in terms of speed. But it still falls short of being the best WiFi extender.


  • 1,750 Mbps WiFi range extender
  • Three adjustable antennas
  • Optimal installation indicator


  • Randomly turns on 5 GHz, according to WiFi extender reviews

TP-Link AC1750 WiFi Range Extender

Different Types of WiFi Boosters?

If you want the best WiFi range extender, you need to know the difference between the various types of WiFi range extenders available. We’re not talking just about a WiFi repeater vs extender – they’re the same.

In fact, you’ll find that the following three items are the same:

  • WiFi booster
  • WiFi extender
  • WiFi repeater

You’ll find that the best WiFi extender is a small, compact model that plugs directly into the wall. But there are also larger models that look more like a router than they do a wall plugin.

Most people, according to WiFi extender reviews, choose the small, compact models as the best WiFi extender.


Small models:

  • Work well
  • Fit easily into a room’s décor
  • Don’t become the focal point of the room

The best WiFi booster for home use should confidently fit in a small space and not look out of place.
You may come across mesh networks, which will perform a similar function as a WiFi extender or WiFi range extender, but they cost 10 times more than your average WiFi range extender.

The best WiFi range extender can easily compete with a mesh network unless the range is expansive (10,000+ square feet).

Why You Should Have a WiFi Booster

I think everyone, especially those with older routers or gateways, can benefit from a WiFi range extender. When you install a WiFi signal booster, you’re going to:

  • Eliminate dead zones
  • Enjoy stronger connections
  • Extend the range of your WiFi

How do WiFi extenders work? These extenders work by connecting to your WIFi when there is a strong connection. For example, let’s assume that your signal is strong in your kitchen and weak in your living room where you stream movies.

You can install your WiFi signal booster or WiFi extender at the edge of your kitchen or wherever you still have a strong signal.

Your WiFi signal booster will use this strong connection and rebroadcast the signal from the WiFi signal booster to other devices in the home.

In your living room, you’ll need to update your preferred WiFi to the name of the WiFi range extender, which is often your current network name followed by “EXT.” Every WiFi booster is different, so check the manual for the appropriate name.

Your WiFi range extender will take your data and send it back to the router. It’s like an extension cord for your Internet connection.

The best WiFi extender will be able to extend your signal with no loss in speeds – it’s the perfect option for anyone with an Internet connection.

As the best WiFi extender, we recommend RangeXTD.

But you can read through all of our WiFi extender reviews to find the model that you like best.

Benefits of a WiFi Booster

If you choose the best WiFi extender, you’ll experience several benefits:

  • Stronger Internet connection
  • Less video buffering
  • Higher overall speeds in areas with low signal strength
  • Greater overall WiFi coverage

The best WiFi extender will maximize the speeds throughout your home or office. And when you choose the best WiFi extender, you’ll also benefit from fewer dead zones and signal drops.

A WiFi range extender is designed to extend your signal into areas of your space where no signals exist. When this happens, your WiFi range extender can ensure full home or office coverage without moving your router.

WiFi is critical in today’s connected world, but without a WiFi range extender, it can be nearly impossible to have a strong signal in every room. With the right WiFi range extender, you can stream movies, music or play your favorite games at blazing fast speeds.

How to Pick the Best WiFi Booster

What is the best WiFi extender? If you read WiFi extender reviews, the only way to tell if you’re choosing the best WiFi repeater is if you know what to look for in a WiFi range extender.

I’m going to explain how to pick a WiFi range extender, what features to look for in a WiFi booster and when you may need key features.

I recommend that you pick a WiFi range extender based on not only WiFi extender reviews but also:

  • Setup. Is it easy to setup the WiFi booster? Are there one-button WPS options, or are you going to have to spend hours reading through WiFi extender reviews to get your unit working?
    Band options. What’s the difference between WiFi 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz repeater? 5 GHz offers higher speed options than 2.4 GHz and is a great option if you have fast Internet and need a WiFi repeater that pushes top speeds. The best 5ghz WiFi repeater will offer dual band options, allowing you to maximize the speeds of your WiFi range extender.
  • Coverage. Read through WiFi extender reviews to find the true range of your WiFi repeater. Coverage can be 100s of square feet or thousands. Your WiFi repeater will list a range, but this is often “maximum range.” A WiFi range extender often loses signal strength due to obstacles, such as walls. The true range of the WiFi range extender is often far less than listed.
  • Encryption. Since your WiFi repeater will receive and deliver data packets, it’s important that there’s some form of encryption in place. Read through WiFi extender reviews and through your WiFi signal booster description to better understand what form of encryption is offered.

Of course, there’s more to look for in the best WiFi extender. You’ll want to look for ethernet ports, top speeds and warranty information. A WiFi signal booster with an ethernet port allows you to enjoy steadier speeds and a better connection from your WiFi signal booster.

There may be other options to look for in the best WiFi extender, such as USB ports, to connect a printer or adjustable antennas for greater control over your WiFi range extender’s signal direction.

But we take care of most of the hard work by offering you true, honest WiFi extender reviews. When you read our WiFi extender reviews, you’ll learn the good and bad behind each WiFi range extender.

Final Verdict

We’ve written a lot of WiFi extender reviews, and the best WiFi extender we’ve personally tried was RangeXTD. As our top rated WiFi booster, it has a minimal footprint, ethernet port, push button setup and a 100% money back guarantee.

And if you purchase our recommendation for best WiFi booster, you’ll get free shipping.

Want massive coverage from your WiFi booster?

Purchase three RangeXTD devices and you’ll receive a 50% discount on our choice for the best WiFi extender.

There’s also optional lifetime protection – which I highly recommend – to safeguard your WiFi network extender.

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