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WiFiBlast Review: Is This Simple Device the Best WiFi Extender Ever?

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Verdict: WiFiBlast reviews have been absolutely blowing up on the internet! With thousands of satisfied customers saying that this unique WiFi extender has solved all of their WiFi network problems once and for all, we decided to test this unit ourselves to see what all the fuss is about.

In this WiFiBlast review, we’re going to share why we think this is the best WiFi extender that money can buy.

What is WiFiBlast WiFi Booster?

What is WiFiBlast WiFi Booster?

WiFiBlast WiFi booster is a WiFi extender and WiFi repeater, meaning it extends the area and distance your WiFi network covers. It also boosts the power of your WiFi network in the area where you’re already getting coverage.

What does this mean in real-world terms? Well, you know how your WiFi network doesn’t reach your garage or upstairs bedroom? WiFiBlast makes those problems a thing of the past. It uses advanced technology to extend the range of your WiFi signal, increasing the coverage of your WiFi network.

In addition, WiFiBlast also strengthens the WiFi network in areas where you already do receive coverage. It gets rid of spotty coverage, meaning the signal you get is always strong and steady.

This WiFi extender function means you can enjoy using your WiFi network in rooms that are currently out of reach. Its WiFi repeater ability literally repeats your WiFi signal, taking your current signal and making it reach longer distances.

We’ve tested all kinds of WiFi repeaters and WiFi extenders in the past, but the WiFiBlast is the first WiFi repeater we’ve ever tested that’s deserving of a full, five-star rating. Read on to see why.

Does WiFiBlast WiFi Booster Really Work?

WiFiBlast WiFi booster does work, but how WELL it works is what separates it from the WiFi extender pack. In all of our previous tests, we’ve never reviewed a WiFi repeater that produced such a strong, steady signal.

After working with the unit for just over a week, it’s become clear why there are so many positive WiFiBlast reviews getting posted.

While WiFiBlast performs all the functions that a standard WiFi repeater does, its combination of affordable price, high-performance, and ease of use is what earns WiFiBlast earn our highest five-star rating.

Strength of WiFi Signal

WiFi signal strength is usually displayed on the screen of your device. The rating of this signal goes from one bar (weak), two bars (fair), three bars (good), or four bars (excellent).

We tested the power of WiFiBlast using our office bathrooms – a part of our office that usually suffers from a notoriously weak WiFi signal.

We took several phones and laptops into our bathroom to test the strength of our WiFi network. Checking each of our devices, we got four “weak” ratings, and a single “good” rating.

Range of WiFi Signal

Next, we installed the WiFiBlast in our office. To our surprise, every one of us was immediately able to get an “excellent” reading in our bathroom!

Range of WiFi Signal

Our next test was to see how far the WiFiBlast extended the range of our WiFi network. In its current state, the network is only reliable to about the end of the hall.

After testing with the WiFiBlast, our coverage area extended across the entire floor of our building!

So we took our elevator down one floor, then up one floor – we were shocked to see that we were still getting an “excellent” score on the WiFi scale!

We’ve tested a TON of WiFi extenders in the past, and NONE of them was ever able to extend our WiFi signal to other floors in our building.

WiFi Dead Zones

There’s a service closet in our office that lies within the range of our current WiFi, but is never able to get a decent WiFi signal. It’s one of those dreaded WiFi “dead zones” where you can never get a signal.

To our collective shock, we were able to get a full, four-bar, “excellent” WiFi signal strength in our service closet. And even when we closed the insulated door, we still were able to get a “good” rating inside of the closet!

WiFi Dead Zones

As I mentioned before, we’ve tested dozens of WiFi extenders in the past, and while some of them excelled in certain areas, they would completely drop the ball in other aspects. The WiFiBlast was the only WiFi extender we’ve ever tested that got the highest scores in EVERY category.

Is WiFiBlast the best WiFi extender we’ve ever used?

Do you really have to ask??

How Does WiFiBlast WiFi Booster Work?

You might assume that the WiFiBlast performs some kind of amplification of your WiFi signal, taking your degraded signal and giving it some kind of boost.

In actuality, though, it’s even better. WiFiBlast doesn’t just boost your WiFi signal, it actually creates a NEW WiFi network, which is then connected to your already existing WiFi network.

So instead of simply trying to amplify the signal of your WiFi network, WiFiBlast actually creates a NEW WiFi network. So instead of trying to crank up your weak WiFi signal, it actually creates a new network, giving you vastly improved range and performance!

Needless to say, this means that WiFiBlast outperforms mere signal amplifiers, and by a mile, too!

Does WiFiBlast WiFi Booster Increase Internet Speed?

Does WiFiBlast WiFi Booster Increase Internet Speed?

The speed of your WiFi network is determined by several factors, primarily by the monthly payment tier you pay to your internet service provider (ISP). So while WiFiBlast is able to increase the range and stability of the bandwidth you’re already paying for, it can’t produce bandwidth that doesn’t already exist.

However, WiFiBlast can provide you with the maximum speed that you’re paying your ISP for. And by putting an end to WiFi instability and dropouts, WiFiBlast can increase the speed of your downloads, simply by the fact that your WiFi signal isn’t constantly popping in and out anymore.

WiFiBlast Wifi Booster Features and Benefits

By using the WiFiBlast WiFi Booster, you can:

  • Significantly boost the strength and reliability of your WiFi network
  • Extend the range of your WiFi network to reach longer distances
  • Put an end to WiFi dead zones and dropouts
  • Maximize the power of your WiFi network without paying any upgrade fees to your ISP
  • Enjoy powerful WiFi in parts of your home that previously had weak WiFi
  • Improve the reliability of streaming video, streaming music, and the internet

How Do I Install WiFiBlast WiFi booster?

Installing WiFiBlast couldn’t be easier!

Simply plug WiFiBlast into any electrical socket. Enter the address that we will provide you with, and then enter your WiFi username. You can use “admin” as your password.

While WiFiBlast offers you three different methods for connecting, each tailored to your particular network, the steps above remain essentially the same.

Why Should You Buy WiFiBlast WiFi Booster?

How Do I Install WiFiBlast WiFi booster?

Extend the range of your WiFi network to your backyard, terrace, or patio. Get a strong and steady WiFi signal on the second floor of your home, or in your garage. WiFiBlast makes it easy.

Instead of always having to deal with a weak WiFi signal, short range, spotty connections, and WiFi dead zones, you can have a strong, steady, long-reaching WiFi signal that works so well it will completely blow you away!

Why subject yourself to the frustration of having to deal with crummy WiFi coverage? Get WiFiBlast today, and say GOODBYE to weak, spotty, short range WiFi!

How Much Does WiFiBlast WiFi Booster Cost?

With performance this good, we’d be willing to pay a lot for the WiFiBlast, but fortunately, this device is quite affordable.

But if you order right now, you can get a 50% OFF DISCOUNT if you order from the link above. This takes the already affordable regular price of $XX.XX down to an astonishing price of only $XX.XX!

At a price this low, it’s a total no-brainer!

Where Can I Buy WiFiBlast WiFi Booster?

Beware of cheap imitations that often use similar names to the WiFiBlast. While these units may look similar, the circuitry inside is simply a cheap knockoff of the WiFiBlast, using cheap electronic parts that can’t provide the same performance boost as WiFiBlast.

To make sure you get a genuine WiFiBlast, you should only order from the link below:


The above link takes you directly to the company website.


What Are the Pros and Cons of WiFiBlast WiFi Booster?

During out testing period, we compiled a list of the pros and cons of using WiFiBlast:


  • Increases the stability of your current WiFi network.
  • Puts an end to problems like WiFi dropouts and dead zones.
  • Substantially increase the range and reach of your WiFi network.
  • Affordable and easy to set up.


  • Shipping can be slow for people impacted by COVID-related shipping delays



Simply put, the WiFiBlast WiFi booster outperformed our every expectation. We ran the most rigorous tests we could come up with, and every time, the WiFiBlast came through with flying colors.

In this day and age, a solid WiFi connection is no longer a luxury. In fact, it’s a total necessity. And this is only magnified by the high number of people who are now working from home.

If you’re happy with struggling with your WiFi network on a daily basis, you’re welcome to it.

But if you want to significantly extend the range of your WiFi network, get rid of spotty coverage, and remove WiFi dead zones, the choice is obvious.

The WiFiBlast improved the performance of our WiFi network so greatly, we immediately installed our test unit in our office. That’s really saying something.

But perhaps the best indicator of how pleased we were with this unit can be demonstrated by the fact that each of us immediately ordered a WiFiBlast unit for each of our homes. Now that’s REALLY saying something!

If you want to improve the steadiness of your WiFi signal, increase its range, and eliminate WiFi dead zones, the choice is clear. We were incredibly impressed by the performance this little device offered, which is why we’re giving it a rare, full five-star recommendation.

Buy WiFiBlast today and start enjoying WiFi performance like you’ve never seen before!


January 14, 2022


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