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DIY WiFi Signal Booster

There is nothing more annoying than weak WiFi signals. None of us likes to wait for web pages to load after paying so much for a WiFi connection. However, even when you get the strongest WiFi router, there are some corners of your home where the signals are always weaker.

It’s the 21st century, and none of us should have to sit beside the router all day just to enjoy strong WiFi signals.

Thankfully, people have now discovered some tactics to enjoy the fastest WiFi even when the routers are placed far away. 

Even though the best option by far is to get a wifi extender, like RangeXTD wifi repeater, some may prefer other tactics such as using a DIY WiFi router signal booster with your router to strengthen its output.

You can also boost your WiFi signals using a simple DIY WiFi signal booster. All you need is the basic equipment and some skills to create a DIY project, and you’re good to go. This article covers some simple methods to make a DIY WiFi signal Booster. Read on to find a method that suits you the most and use it to boost your WiFi speed without spending a fortune.

1. Using A Foiled Plastic Bottle 

Believe it or not, you can use one of those plastic coke bottles to create a DIY WiFi signal booster system. All you need is the following equipment, and then you can follow the steps below to ace this DIY:

Materials Needed: 

  • 2-liter plastic bottle
  • Absorbent cloth
  • Marker
  • Cutter
  • Aluminum foil
  • Glue


  1. Get a 2-liter plastic bottle and strip off its label. 
  2. Wash the bottle to remove any beverage residue that might be in there. Use a clean cloth to wipe the bottle dry so that it’s to be converted into a booster.
  3. Using a dark-colored pen, make a ring around the bottle an inch or two above its base. Also, make a square window at the center of the bottle. This window should be around half of the bottle’s diameter.
  4. Use a sharp cutter to cut out the marked ring and windows. Be careful while cutting and try to make the cuts in one go to avoid leaving pointed ends behind.
  5. Now, take tin foil and line the back inner side of the bottle with it using strong glue. Try to paste the foil as smoothly as possible, avoiding wrinkles.
  6. Take the bottle’s cap and make a hole at its center. The hole should only be wide enough to let your router’s antenna inside.
  7. After the glue dries out, take your router’s antenna and softly push it inside the bottle through the hole and tighten the cap. 
  8. Your DIY WiFi signal booster is done. Check your connection’s speed, and you’d surely be amazed. 

2. Making An Aluminum Parabolic Reflector

This is one of the easiest pocket WiFi signal booster DIY that gives great results. You can make this DIY WiFi signal booster using the material and following 3 simple steps given below:

Material Needed: 

  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors 
  • Measuring ruler or tape


  1. Take a high-quality aluminum foil and cut a large rectangular-shaped piece out of it.
  2. Fold the rectangular piece in half and then fold each side by about half an inch. This would create a strong frame around the foil, converting it into a stable reflector.
  3. Now, curl up the foil in a way that matches an arc. Put this arches foil right behind your router. This foil would assist in a stronger reflection of the signals, taking your WiFi’s strength up a notch. The best part about this DIY pocket WiFi signal booster is that you don’t have to attach it to any router. This way, you can take it along anywhere you want, hence boosting the WiFi wherever you go.

3. Designing A Radar Dish

This is another simple DIY WiFi signal booster that uses the same aluminum foil to boost your connection within minutes. 

Material Needed: 

  • Medium-sized plastic bowl 
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Tape 
  • WiFi adapter that connects to a USB  

Once you’ve all this material at hand, you can follow the steps given below to create a radar dish that will instantly boost your WiFi. 


1.Wash the bowl and dry completely.

  1. Now, cover the top of the bowl with the foil, avoiding wrinkles as much as possible.
  2. Once the foil sits securely around the bowl, spot the center and push down the foil a little from there. As you push the foil, press your finger smoothly and try not to apply too much force.
  3. Cut a piece of electrical tape a few centimeters longer than the bowl’s central width. Now stick one corner of the tape on one side of the foil from the center. Stretch the remaining tape over the middle in a way that it overshadows the tucked-in foil but doesn’t touch it.
  4. Now, take your adapter and stick it to the underside of the tape right above the pressed in foil. This adapter should be connected to the USB Cable that would then broadcast the strengthened signals all across your place.

This WiFi booster, even when very effective, is a little fragile. Try to keep it at a place where it can stay undisturbed. Also, using a better quality foil can increase the life of such an adaptation, thus saving you from having to design it every other day.


We hope this article answered all your questions regarding how to boost your WiFi signal DIY. You may use any of the above-discussed methods to create your DIY WiFi Signal Booster. However, it’s better to invest in a professionally made WiFi booster, especially when you need it in the long run. 

These professionally designed boosters do the signal boosting job way better than any of the DIYs you’ve ever designed. Also, a specialized booster is likely to last you longer than the self-created one. Investing in such a useful device will let you enjoy stronger signals for as long as you want, without any interruption at all.

March 4, 2021


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