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How to setup wifi extender

How to Install a Wifi Booster and Other Devices.

So, in this day and age, where wifi is vital to connect to co-workers, friends, family, and practically everything else, be it recent news, entertainment, or even just uploading a picture to your phone, you need wifi to do it. But, you can’t get it everywhere, even in your own home. But, some tools can help you extend the range of the wifi to your devices.

To begin, let’s explain a bit about how wifi works. Wifi itself stands for…well, actually nothing. It used to stand for wireless fidelity, but these days, we just use WiFi as a stand-in for wireless transmissions or receivers. 

But, wifi itself works as a signal that your devices connect to use and ride to access the internet or streaming services. To get wifi, you need a router like the RangeXTD wifi booster.

But, even the best router has blind spots they can’t access, it could be that the area you’re in just won’t transmit due to walls, interference, or because they aren’t the best at transmitting signals. 

However, as said before, there are ways to extend the wifi in your house/area/station. Instead of buying a new router and all the costs that come with it, it’s simpler to just buy a wifi booster and use that instead.

So now, let me explain to you how to install a wifi booster.

How to Install a Wifi Booster. 

To begin, you need to choose the right model for you to install. Do you want a small one or a big one? Each comes with its pros and cons, the small one being well, small and easy to store, with a big one taking up a lot of space.

A small one can even be inserted into your computer, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. 

On the flip side, a larger wifi booster can be fitted into the wall, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of having one on your computer at all times.

The most important thing you can do first is to decide on the location. You need to know where the ‘deadzone’s’ are in your house, the areas where wifi can’t reach, and where the AC outlets are. 

There, how to install the wifi booster is just a matter of finding the right AC outlet and plugging it in. 

In any case, regardless of which model you pick, you need to start it up. Once you find a location as close to the router as possible, you need to go about installing the internet range extender. Sadly, it’s not just plug-in and use. 

But, most modern routers have an app or some kind of instruction you can use to connect the wifi extender to the router. Once the booster has been installed, be sure to check the dead zones in your home to see if there’s been any effect.

If it’s still a bit wonky, try setting the booster in different spots to see what happens. If you have a multistory home, then you’ll want to consider where the booster needs to go. Wood, plastic, wall fiber, all of these can absorb the WiFi signal, so to install the wifi booster, you need to take these into account.

So, once you’ve found a place, setting up the Wifi Extender is a fairly simple matter.

How to Set up the Wifi Extender.

In general, it varies depending on the model you’ve bought, so I won’t go into great detail. Always refer to the model and packing instructions for clear directions on how to install your wifi extender. 

But, there are a few general guidelines.

  • Connect the Router to the Extender.
  • Connect the Model to its designated Website or App.
  • Allow it to access the Wifi network via a password or automatically.

In addition, there are also a few other devices that can extend/boost your wifi signal strength, and we will go over them right now.

How to Install your Wifi Anntena Extender.

So, this is similar to the booster in general, but a few models do have antennas to help boost the signal. These are fairly simple to set up, just raise them upwards and extend them. 

Granted, a few models have their own quirks, so be sure to look at the packing/instruction booklet for precise advice.

How to Install the Wifi Booster Repeater.

So, like the booster, the Wifi Repeater expands the overall signal length of the wifi router, as opposed to the booster’s strengthening. It’s basically like an extender for the Wifi, and setting it up is fairly simple. 

Like the booster, you need to find a spot free of signal interference and keep in mind any materials that could absorb the wifi signal. 

Once you’ve found a place, connect the repeater to the router via computer. There should be instructions on how to do this via the repeater’s packaging.

But, if there isn’t, then it’s a simple matter of going into your router’s settings and finding the repeater there.

In general, the exact method varies for setting up the repeater, but it should be similar to setting up a regular extender. So, to that end, check the model and look for any specific instructions online. 

How to Set up Wifi Extender Recap.

So, once you’ve done all that, how do you set it up, exactly? In general, once the wifi extender has been connected, you need to go to their model’s website, and once you’ve created a password for the wifi, you need to choose the source wifi network. 

That is to say, your home wifi. Set the password you created, and from there, set and confirm the new SSID.

So, once you’re done setting up the Wifi Extender/Booster/Repeater, you’ll have a lot more wifi availability in your house, which is good for people who need to work from home.

March 5, 2021


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