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DangoBuds REVIEW Real Deal Or Scam?

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I Tested Out DangoBuds Earbuds Myself, and Here’s What I Found…

I think we’ve all been caught singing along to our favorite song or pumping our ‘get psyched’ playlist so loud that everyone around you can hear. So when big brand names started coming out with wireless earbuds, I was more than excited to get my hands on them. Sometimes wires can get in the way when I’m at the gym or when I spontaneously bust out my best Beyonce dance moves.

Problem is, not all of them live up to the hype. The good news is some of them do, like Dangobuds and BLXBuds earbuds.

Is this a DangoBuds Scam? Or is it really better than other earbuds?

When my gym buddy recommended DangoBuds Earbuds, I was a bit skeptical. You see, I had already ruined my second pair of wireless earbuds. And I wasn’t willing to spend another $200 on earbuds that may or may not work out. Not too sure if that’s a chance I want to take.

These are the most common issues I had with other earbuds:

  • Patchy audio
  • Static
  • Random pausing throughout audio
  • Ear detection function unavailable
  • Unable to connect to my phone
  • Unable to connect to my laptop
  • Slow charging/won’t charge
  • Battery draining too fast

Fortunately, my friend said he had an extra pair for me to test out. He got them at a special discount (50% off) on their official website, so it made more sense for him to buy two.

Here’s What Happened When I Swapped my Earbuds for DangoBuds

I decided I was going to put them to the test. I wouldn’t be careful or gentle with them, I would just treat them like how I did with my other earbuds. I live an active lifestyle and music is almost always in the background. Whether I’m at the gym, walking to work, or cleaning my apartment, there will be some kind of soundtrack to keep me going.

These are the things I’ll be looking for:

  • Comfortability
  • Portability
  • Quality (precision, clarity)
  • Volume (sharp, bold)
  • Hours of listening (long lasting battery?)
  • Phone reception (iPhone, Android)
  • Bluetooth wireless mode

My First Impression of DangoBuds

When I first opened the package, I thought they looked exactly like all other wireless earbuds. A bit more sleek in the design and I really like the clean white color. The charging case makes it convenient to keep clean and free of dust. My previous pair had a charging case that didn’t have a protective cover and I found they got dirty often and they didn’t end up lasting too long.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Wireless earbuds (2x)
  • Charging case
  • Replaceable in-ear tips (S/M/L)

For the first couple of days, I was still getting used to the shape and size of the earbuds in my ears. I also have one of my ears pierced which sometimes gets in the way of my ear buds, so I’m very particular about how I wear them. But after trying DangoBuds earbuds out a few different positions, I finally found a comfortable one that worked.

Answering Calls Made Easy

I’m always on the go and trying to talk on the phone while my hands are full is almost impossible. I really like this call feature on the DangoBuds wireless earbuds. When someone calls and both ear buds are playing music, they will automatically transfer you to your call and mute one of the other earbuds so you can hear clearly. And once your call is over, the music resumes where it left off.

Perfect Design

I think the size of the buds is just perfect. I still like the older earbuds that have a foamy or squishy protective cover because I think they’re gentle on the ear, but these still feel comfortable.

Wearing the earbuds at the gym was going to be the first challenge. With the vigorous movements, sweat, and attempt to drown out the background noise, DangoBuds actually did quite well! I did however have to readjust them when I got too sweaty. This is pretty much typical of all earbuds, so I already expected it.

Extended Range

According to the DangoBuds reviews online, the wireless range goes up to 10m (33ft), but I actually found that it went further than that when I was in the gym. When I was out, running errands I found the range to be less. This is all dependent on the obstacles and interferences between you and your device.

For people that frequent the gym, like myself, the range is good. I can keep my phone in one safe area and still move around to different equipment without worrying about losing connection.

Features and Specifications

Product Characteristics:

  • Wireless Earbuds with stereo sound.
  • Active Noise Canceling
  • Charging Case charged via Type-C or wireless
  • Answer and hang up calls with a single press of the function button
  • Redial a missed or previous call with a double tap of the function button
  • Dual HD microphones for crystal-clear calls
  • 5.0 Bluetooth Technology (same as air pods)
  • 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth Frequency
  • 10 meters / 33 Feet Bluetooth Range

Battery Capacity:

  • Earbuds: 50mAh rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Charging Case: 350mAh

Standby Time:

  • Standby time: 72 hours
  • Talk/Play Time: Approximately 3 Hours

DangoBuds Pros

I really like how clear and bold the sound quality is. Whether I decide to only wear one or both, I can hear every single word and never miss a beat. Music sounds very good, with minimal noise in the background.

DangoBuds Cons

The charging time is a bit longer than other earbuds. But the listening time and use is extensive, so although it doesn’t charge as fast, you don’t need to charge it as often.

Final Verdict

For the price point, DangoBuds earbuds are definitely worth the purchase. The pair I used was from a friend, but I will be ordering my own. Currently they have some great deals. The more you buy, the bigger the discount, so it might make sense to buy a few. I think these are great no matter what kind of lifestyle you have, but they are super convenient if you’re on the go like me and the fact that they are completely hands free means you can get more things done without worrying about tangled cords. This is a great way to always stay connected.

October 2, 2020


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DangoBuds REVIEW Real Deal Or Scam?

Get yours now >



DangoBuds REVIEW Real Deal Or Scam?

Get yours now >