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What are the Benefits of Having a WiFi Booster?

I hate going into my backyard and losing my WiFi signal. I want to be able to enjoy some of my yard, and be able to sit outside and watch Netflix. But I have a lot of issues with my signal. I have a great router, and I have done everything I can to make sure my router is positioned properly.

The problem is that my WiFi signal is a hit or miss.

I used to live in an apartment, and the signal would go out in the bathroom. I was only 100-feet or less from the router, and I would lose signal.

Other days, the signal was fine.

That’s when I really started digging into the idea of a WiFi booster.

And then after buying a WiFi booster, it has been a night and day difference. I actually want to share with you the key benefits of having a WiFi booster. These are the benefits that I have been able to experience from having a WiFi booster:

1. You Eliminate WiFi Dead Zones

Dead zones or dead spots are found in almost all homes, and these are areas where the signal seems to disappear. The bathroom that I mentioned earlier, that was a key dead zone in my house.

I don’t know what the issue was, but my signal couldn’t get into the bathroom properly.

Sometimes, architectural features in the home are the reason for your dead zones. This may be a ventilation system in the wall, mirrors or something else that interferes with the signal. Once I hooked up my booster, I was able to confidently get a signal in my bathroom.

My Internet was actually very strong in the bathroom.

Sometimes, objects and materials  simply get in the way of your signal and will cause major dead zones. The booster allows me to eliminate all of these dead zones in my home so that I have complete access anywhere in my house.

2. Consistent Speed Around the House

If you already have signal over your entire house, then you may notice something else that drives me crazy: speed loss. There are some areas in the home where you will have long buffer times on Netflix or your Internet is just slow.

You can speed up your Internet with a WiFi booster like Trifiboost (which I’ve reviewed) .

Boosters offer you an instant performance boost that will eliminate the need for people to go upstairs to game or go into the living room to watch Netflix.

Weak signals are going to cause you to lose some of your Internet’s speed. When signals are weak, this is when you’ll be dealing with longer buffering times and even error messages on some sites.

Gamers that have to deal with weak signals will actually have more latency and will want to consider plugging directly into the router. I was playing a few battlegrounds in World of Warcraft, and all of a sudden, I had this terrible lag.

Keep in mind that my router is just 3 feet away from my gaming rig.

But I used WiFi.

The setup served me well for years, and now, I have this terrible latency that makes online gaming almost impossible. I tried another MMO, and I noticed the same thing. The only fix was plugging directly into the router so that I would not lose my signal.

A Wi-Fi booster helped me remove the cord without suffering from horrible latency.

3. WiFi Outside

I first wanted to get a booster because I wanted to be able to work and “play” outside. Once I left my patio, I had no signal and it would drive me crazy. I know where the router is positioned, and even when I am as close to the router as possible, I could not get a signal outside.

When I did get a signal, it would keep dropping which is even more frustrating.

During the winter months, no one cares that their Internet doesn’t work outside because they’re bundled up indoors trying to escape the cold. I can watch movies on my smartphone outside, but I want to watch movies on a laptop or even play games outdoors.

A booster extends the signal enough so that you can:

  • Stream music next to the pool
  • Watch movies outside on the deck
  • Work outside without fear of losing a signal

I am actually working outside when writing this article, watching birds fly over me and my dogs running in the yard. It’s amazing to have true portability when you work on a computer all day. I dread having to stay in my office for 8 – 12 hours per day.

My booster offers me the freedom to be able to enjoy my high-speed Internet in the front and backyard.

And for me, this is the key reason I recommend boosters to my friends and family.

4. Save on Data

If you have unlimited smartphone data, you can simply skip this section. I work at home a lot, in fact, I work from home, so I have a pay-as-you-go cell phone service called Ting. The service works well, and I really have no complaints.

But I did lose my signal a lot, so I would use my phone and start adding to my monthly phone bill.

It’s actually a lot of money wasted because I can simply use my WiFi and not have to worry about using data or going over my limit.

When you have a booster, you can be sure that you never go over your data cap on your phone. You can always have a strong, quality signal which is essential when using Skype or going on FaceTime to talk to friends or family.

It’s just another way to save some money, and you are paying to have Internet anyway. Even if you have Vonage or some voice over IP service for your phone, the quality will be better with an extender.

If you have WiFi, dead spots or a weak signal that is not giving you an optimal streaming experience, a WiFi booster will make a world of difference.

September 7, 2020


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