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Why Is My WiFi So Slow: Reasons You Should Know

Find the answer to your questions here. 

There is nothing more annoying than your WiFi glitching and working at the speed of a turtle, or trying to set up wifi calling and not being able to connect. Moreover, it is even worse when you do not know the reason and keep wondering, ‘Why is my WiFi slow?’

In this situation, what can you do? 

Well, you can understand the main cause of it just by reading this quick blog. So, let’s begin!

Most Probable Reasons Why Wifi Is So Slow 

There are various reasons why your Wifi may work extremely slowly. Let’s take a look at the 10 most common reasons to answer your ‘why is wifi so slow’ question!

1. Distance Between Wifi Router or Modem and Device Is Too Much 

One of the most common reasons why your Wifi is working too slowly is because of the distance. 

When you move too far away from the Wifi router, you may start thinking, ‘why is my Wifi so slow all of a sudden’? Well, the reason is the distance. 

Keep in mind that each Wifi router has a particular range within which it works perfectly. If you move too much away from that range, the signal will get weaker and your Wifi will work extremely slowly. 

So, the bottom line is the further the distance of your device, the weaker is the signal. 

For solving this, you can relocate the modem or extend the range by using a wifi extender like the SuperBoost wifi

2. Some Construction Materials May Block Your Wifi’s Signal 

Another answer to your ‘why is Wifi slow?’ question is a weak Wifi signal due to certain obstacles. 

Yes, it is definitely possible that your Wifi signals are going weak because of some obstacles. By obstacles, we mean something blocking your Wifi modem or router. 

It can be anything such as a piece of furniture, like a cabinet, or even walls. You must note that the more walls your Wifi signal will have to pass, the weaker the signal will get. 

It is because the materials used for constructing the walls act as a blocker and don’t allow easy transmission of radio waves, used for passing Wifi signals. 

3. Many Items May Also Lower the Signals 

Did you know that some of the existing electronic items in your home are responsible for lowering the speed of your Wifi?

So, next time you wonder, ‘why is my phone slow on Wifi’, make sure you check for certain items that may be slowing down your Wifi. 

For example, some of these items include microwaves (yes, microwaves!), cordless phones, wireless speakers, and security cameras too. 

The reason is that most of the mentioned products share the same frequency as that of the Wifi’s. So, when all of them are working at the same time and at the same frequency, your Wifi is bound to get slower. 

4. Other Wifi Routers Are Known to Create Interference 

If you live in an apartment or complex and wonder, ‘why is my home wifi so slow?’, well this may be the reason. 

In densely-populated areas, each house may have its separate Wifi modem. Due to this, there’s something known as Wifi congestion happening in the same region. 

So, your Wifi’s signal may be getting interfered by the signals coming from other Wifi routers and modems. Thus, lowering the speed of Wifi on your phone and other electronic items in your home too. 

If this is the case, make sure you contact the Wifi provider, and let them know about the issue. 

5. There’s Some Problem Within Your Phone 

You may keep thinking ‘why Wifi is slow’ when the actual problem may be your phone itself. 

So, if you see that the Wifi is working properly on other devices but not on yours, you need to ask the question – why is my phone so slow on Wifi. 

Well, the reason is that many devices, especially the old models may not adapt to the faster speeds of Wifi. 

Sometimes, when you think ‘why is my iphone so slow on wifi’,  the answer is the old software of your phone. So, update your device to the latest version of its software. 

Also, keep in mind that the speed of your Wifi will go down to the speed of the slowest device. 

In this situation, you can get your phone checked before you call your Wifi provider. 

6. Wifi Is Running For a Long Time Now 

If you find that your Wifi isn’t working properly, it may be because it has been working for a long time now. 

Plenty of times electronic devices and mediums get slow because of running continuously. So, if you face the issue of slow Wifi a lot of times, the most probable reason is this. 

In this case, you simply have to reboot your Wifi system and give it some break to make it work faster. 

7. There Are Some Connection Problems 

You should definitely check all the wire connections when you find yourself thinking, ‘why is my Wifi so slow on my phone’ as this may be the reason for slow Wifi. 

Sometimes, the coaxial wires connected to your modem or router aren’t connected tightly or are too loose. This causes the transmission of weaker signals and results in slower Wifi. 

So, the first thing you may try out when you see that happening is to check the wires and make sure they’re connected properly. 

8. Other Devices May Hinder the Speed of Your Wifi

Some devices may take up all the available bandwidth of your Wifi and thus, cause speed issues in your phone. 

Moreover, as mentioned above, if the device is the slowest one, your Wifi’s overall speed will adapt to the speed of that device. This causes the slowing of your Wifi. 

9. Poor Connection From the Internet Service Provider 

It isn’t always necessary that only your Wifi is slow. Sometimes, your internet service provider may be facing some issues that are causing your Wifi to slow down. 

So, try contacting them if nothing works. 

Final Thoughts 

Fixing your Wifi can get extremely tiresome. However, if you consider each of the above reasons and rule them out, it can get very easy for you to fix the problem. 

Moreover, you can also ask for assistance if the problem seems too complex.

December 9, 2020


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