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Why Does My Phone Keep Disconnecting From The Wifi?

Nothing is more annoying than your wifi getting disconnected from your phone continuously. If you’ve been frustrated and wondering “why does my phone keep disconnecting from wifi?” we’re here to tell you that it’s actually a common problem.

So, why does my phone disconnect from wifi? There are a lot of explanations about why you might be facing this issue. From connectivity issues to hardware problems, there’s a lot of ways to break down the problem at hand.

To put you out of your “why does my wifi keep disconnecting from my phone” misery, we’ve enlisted all the ways you can fix this issue right at home.

Let’s get right into it!

Why Does My Phone Keep Disconnecting From Wifi iPhone?

There are a couple of reasons that could answer the “why does my wifi keep disconnecting on my phone?” query. While, some of these reasons can be easily fixed at home, in extreme cases, it’s best to contact an expert.

Here are some of our solutions that might help you out.

Turn Wi-Fi Option On and Off

The most straightforward and most apparent reaction in this situation is turning off the wifi option, wait for 10 seconds, and turn the wifi back on. This step helps to ensure a new connection between your phone and the network it’s connected to.

Often there could be connectivity glitch within the connections. To fix this issue simply go to Settings > Wi-Fi and then tap on the switch button icon to turn off the Wi-Fi. Wait for a few seconds, preferably 10, and then continue to switch the Wi-Fi back on.

Reconnecting to the Wi-Fi by Forgetting Network

In case merely turning off did not work out for you, the next step would be to forget the network entirely and re-enter the password to connect again. This will refresh the previous connection and rejoin the Wi-Fi from a new start.

To do so simply go into Setting > Wi-Fi, then click the blue i button next to the connected network. By clicking on that, you will find the option for “Forget This Network” in the list. Tap on that, and now the connection will be renewed.

Now that your Wi-Fi has been disconnected go back to settings and select your wifi network. Now re-enter your password and reconnect with your local network all over again.

Restarting the Wi-Fi Router

Still, questioning “why does my phone keep disconnecting from the wifi”? The next step would be to fix the cause itself. Check up on your wifi router and see the connection signals to see if your wifi is actually connected to the internet.

To restart your router, locate the power button which may be on either side of the device. Then press it to shut down the router. After a wait for 20 seconds, reboot your internet, and the connectivity will be renewed once again.

If that still is not working, maybe it is time to get a wifi extender. One of the most trusted brands in the market is the RangeXTD wifi extender.

Resetting the Network Settings on Your Phone

If neither of these selections worked for you then resetting network settings is the next step to take.  By refreshing the network settings, the existing connectivity data erases itself from all Bluetooth, wifi, cellular and proxy settings.

Through this method, you can reconnect to you Wi-Fi with a fresh start. To do this go to Settings > General > Reset. Here you will find the reset options for all functions in your phone. Click the “Reset Network Settings” option and confirm it. This will reset your network data, and you can start fresh.

Turn Your Phone On and Off

If medalling with your wifi and its settings was unfruitful, the next thing you need to do is restart your phone. To do so, you need to power it off completely, then reboot it.

To do so, hold down on the power button of your phone, and after 2 to 3 seconds, a Power Off option will appear. Select the option or slide down the option to successfully shut down your phone. Wait for 10 to 15 seconds and restart your phone by pressing down on the power button again.

After this, you can start up your phone as usual, and hopefully, the disconnection problem will have been solved.

DFU Restoration for iPhones

If the problem pertains, the last resort is putting your phone into DFU mode. Through this mode, the code of an iPhone is erased and reloaded. This mode helps to fix any deep-rooted software issue that may be present on your phone.

In case the connectivity issue was arising due to problems in your software, this mode might help. However, this step is to be taken as a last resort only.

Looking For Local Repair Options

If even the last resort did not work out and you’re still left wondering “why does my phone keep disconnecting from my wifi”, it may be time to consult an expert instead. It may be possible that there are hardware issues on your phone. Your antenna and reception may not be working correctly.

It’s appropriate to make an appointment with your local carrier store and ask a professional to take an in-depth look into it. You can even contact a technician to take a look and inspect the hardware thoroughly.

In case there is not an issue with the hardware of the phone itself, the problem may be lying in the wifi carrier and router itself. You can easily dial up the customer service for your internet provider and inquire about the issue. Alternatively, a technician may also be helpful in fixing any hardware issues in the router itself.


We hope that through our article, you found at least one way to fix your connectivity issue. While it is frustrating to figure out the root of all problems, it gets easier for the times that it may happen afterwards.

In case the problem cannot be solved at home, the wise thing to do is contacting experts and professionals. This way you can preserve the health of your phone while getting your issue solved. Good luck!

December 3, 2020


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