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What Does a WiFi Booster Do?


WiFi boosters, repeaters, and extenders are very useful devices that essentially do a similar job. Moreover, the term “WiFi booster” is often applied to extenders and repeaters. The focus here will be on WiFi boosters. They extend your WiFi network signal by boosting your existing signal. WiFi boosters, extenders, and repeaters all improve your signal, so choosing the right device might be a difficult task.
So, what does a WiFi booster do? How can you use it efficiently? What about WiFi extenders and WiFi repeaters? Answers to all these questions in great detail can be found below, so keep on reading!

What Does a WiFi Booster Do?

You have probably already heard about WiFi extenders and repeaters, but what does a WiFi booster do? A WiFi booster like RangeXTD, literally boosts your existing signal. It takes your existing WiFi signal and amplifies it so that you get better range and faster speeds in your house. WiFi boosters are also often called wireless range extenders or come as a 2-in-1 device.
In other words, a WiFi booster both boosts your existing signal and extends it to other rooms that don’t get good coverage so you can stream your favourite movies or play video games online. You can either boost the current WiFi signal without connecting an ethernet cable to the booster or you can connect your main router and booster to get the best performance possible.
There is actually a small difference between wireless range extenders and WiFi network extenders. Wireless range extenders are placed in a remote area of your house and grab your existing WiFi signal to increase the range and boost the signal strength.
WiFi network extenders, on the other hand, connect directly to your WiFi router via a wire. Again, the nomenclature used by manufacturers is often confusing, so double-check that the device you’re buying serves the purpose that you need around your home.

What Will a WiFi Booster Do?

A WiFi booster will improve your WiFi range, strength, and speed around your house. It is best to place a WiFi booster in a part of your home where your WiFi signal is not too strong but not too weak either, provided you are using a booster that boosts your signal wirelessly. 
If you have a room or office that does not get any WiFi or the signal is not very good, that’s a perfect usage scenario for a WiFi booster. You will get much better coverage if you simply plug in a WiFi booster somewhere between your router and laptop or phone. You don’t have to buy any cables or pay extra to use a WiFi booster, which is very convenient.

What Does an Internet Booster Do?

An internet booster is just another name for a WiFi booster. However, some devices may improve your wired internet speed as well. You will often see a WiFi range extender also called an internet booster, WiFi signal booster, and even repeater. All these devices have one goal in common – to improve your wireless internet connection without having to buy an additional router. 
So, an internet booster does the same thing that a WiFi booster does. It takes your current WiFi signal and boosts it so that you get better coverage, speed, and strength.

What Is a WiFi Extender?

A WiFi extender, as the name suggests, extends your current network. It can either be a wired or a wireless WiFi extender. Wired extenders do a much better job of extending your WiFi coverage than wireless ones. This is because it can use a much faster and more stable ethernet connection.
WiFi extenders do not create a separate network, which is a major difference between WiFi repeaters and WiFi extenders. That’s why WiFi extenders and WiFi boosters are essentially one and the same. What does a WiFi booster do? A WiFi booster amplifies your existing WiFi signal, just like an extender.
If you get a WiFi extender and plug it in somewhere in your house or office where the signal is of medium strength, your signal and internet connection will be much better. Still, the WiFi extender is limited by your existing router. It is practical and very convenient, but plugging in a network cable to connect your extender and router is a much better idea.

What Is a WiFi Repeater?

The main difference between a WiFi repeater and a WiFi extender/booster is that a repeater creates a separate network that you can connect to. More often than not, your phone or laptop will show you both networks. This used to be a problem in the past, but newer phones and laptops will automatically choose the better signal and switch accordingly.
A WiFi repeater has the same goal as a WiFi extender. It takes your existing network and makes it stronger. Some manufacturers will call WiFi extenders repeaters and vice versa, so the differences between the devices are still not completely clear.
Some WiFi repeaters, just like extenders, have ethernet ports that you can use to get a better connection. However, many of them actually do not have any ports at all. Instead, they typically contain two routers inside of them. One router picks up your existing WiFi signal and the other router repeats the signal by creating a new network.


So, what does a WiFi booster do? It simply takes your existing WiFi signal and amplifies it to get better range, speed, and stability. It is essentially the same thing as an extender and these types of devices usually both extend and boost your WiFi signal at the same time.
WiFi repeaters, on the other hand, create a new network from your existing one and your phone will automatically pick the most stable connection. Unfortunately, manufacturers often apply multiple marketing terms or call extenders repeaters and vice versa, which makes buying the right device a bit difficult.
You don’t have to worry about the nomenclature too much as long as the device you’re getting is reliable. Just try to get a WiFi booster that uses an ethernet cable if possible. You will get the best range, speed, and latency that way.

March 3, 2021


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