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TP Toss Game Review: Farewell to Isolation Blues!

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Months ago, the idea of staying at home with no commitments or obligations sounded pretty enticing.

But now that you and your family have been isolated for two weeks at home, you have begun to get the blues, and they are getting out of control, particularly for your children!

If you’ve tried board games, movies and even video games to keep them entertained, but nothing worked, then here is a silly but high-energy boredom buster game that can brighten the mood of even your grumpiest kid – TP Toss Game!

So, if you want to take the reality of this lockdown of your mind, then this ridiculously fun and engaging game is just for you!

In this TP Toss Game review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this isolation beating game and realize that quarantine is not that bad! It provides you more time to play this insanely fun and addicting game.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

What Is The TP Toss Game?

TP Toss Game is an insanely addicting, fun and even a bit silly game where you put an inflatable toilet bowl rim around your waist and throw inflatable ‘TP rolls’ through it.

Whoever wins can take the throne as the King or Queen of tossing toilet paper!

In this TP Toss Game review, you will learn that this game is serious for serious times.

How Does The TP Toss Game work?

The TP Toss Game is ready for action right when you are! It needs basically no assembly or setup and provides a plethora of fun to the entire family. In addition, if you or your little ones are tired, and it is time to wrap the game up, the toilet seat and the TP rolls will easily deflate for easy storage.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide for you to learn how the TP Toss Game works:

Step #1: Inflate the TP rolls and the toilet seat

Take the TP rolls and the strap-on toilet seat out of the box. Blow air into them with your mouth.

Step #2: Securely attach the strap-on toilet seat

Once they are properly inflated, use the Velcro belt to securely attach the toilet seat around your waist.

Step #3: Begin the fun!

There are no rules with the TP Toss Game; you and your little ones can make all the rules. So, use your imagination because the sky is the limit! You can have a weekend tournament or a normal one-on-one game. For more silliness and difficulty, you can even blindfold the thrower.

Is The TP Toss Game Really Fun?


The TP Toss Game is ridiculously fun not just for children but also for the entire family. Your entire family is bound to enjoy this competitive, exciting game and believe us; your bond will become stronger playing it together.

The TP Toss Game requires no assembly or previous experience. All you have to do is simply inflate the TP rolls and the toilet seat, and it is all ready to use! Another great thing about this game is that absolutely anyone can get in on the action and fun.

TP Toss Game Features

Here are some key features of the TP Toss Game:

  • One size fits all
  • Velcro Belt
  • Compact
  • Inflatable tubes
  • Strap-on inflatable toilet seat
  • Two inflatable TP rolls
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean

Who Should Buy A TP Toss Game?

TP Toss Game is perfect for families or individuals who are tired of the isolation blues and are looking for ways to lighten up their mood in these bleak times.

Why Should You Get A TP Toss Game?

If you are tired of staying at home with kids or need something for an office party (hopefully, we won’t always be isolating and life will eventually take its toll, and work parties will resume), the TP Toss Game can be the perfect addition to light up any event.

The TP Toss Game is as fitting for adult-oriented fun as it’s for entreating kids. So, ask yourself why should you not get the TP Toss Game?

Isolation does not necessarily have to be boring, and this competitive and exciting game can help you light up things instantly!

Where Can I Buy A TP Toss Game?

We recommend you to buy the TP Toss Game directly from their official website to prevent buying any counterfeit products. Moreover, they are presently offering a special introductory discount of 50 percent if you order now.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the TP Toss Game, the company offers a no-hassle return policy through which you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

TP Toss Game Pros and Cons

If you are still wondering why you should buy the Slice Chum Knife Sharpener, here are some benefits that make this product worth the purchase:


Pros of TP Toss Game:

  • One size fits all – The best thing about TP Toss Game is that it fits everybody! You do not have to buy an individual set for all the members of the family. The Velcro straps attach firmly around the body for a comfortable fit. No matter if you are big or small, or whatever your body type, TP Toss Game fits them all perfectly!
  • Easy to use – The TP Toss Game is very easy to set up and use. All you need is your mouth! Simply blow air into the TP rolls and the toilet seat, and you will be all set playing for the throne in no time.
  • Easy storage – Once you are done playing, you can effortlessly deflate the toilet seat, and the TP rolls through the inflatable tubes. Securely roll them up and store them wherever you please for the next toilet tossing paper battle!
  • Easy to clean – The TP Toss Game is also extremely easy to clean. All you will have to do is to wipe it down with some water (we personally clean it with our favorite cleanser), and you will good to do!
  • Compact and portable – The TP Toss Game is perfect for almost any event. It is extremely easy to assemble and put away. It is so compact that you can take it to any place or event you want.
  • No assembly required – The TP Toss Game is designed to function right out of the box. Meaning there is no assembly or previous experience required. All you need is some air, and you will be all set for a myriad of fun!
  • Perfect for quality family time – The TP Toss Game is not just for your kids; it is for the entire family! If, as parents or even grandparents, you are feeling stressed about the ongoing pandemic, the TP Toss Game can be a great way to combat it.
  • Appropriate for all ages – There is no questioning why kids love TP Toss Game. But you will be surprised to know that adults love it equally! It’s an excellent way (a little dumb as well, we agree)of entertaining ourselves and wasting time as we all practice social distancing. 
  • Superb quality –  The TP Toss Game consists of high-quality materials that offer hours of entertainment to you and your loved ones. More importantly, it helps you to socially isolate and stay safe during these unfortunate times. 

Cons of TP Toss Game

In our opinion, the drawbacks of the TP Toss Game are very trivial to worry about. However, for you to make an informed decision, here are some cons of the TP Toss Game:
Available for sale only online: The biggest drawback of TP Toss Game is that it is not available in stores.

Product unavailability: Due to high demand and limited product availability, the TP Toss Game is a fast-seller and gets out of stock pretty quickly. Therefore, make sure you get yours immediately.

TP Toss Game Review: Final Verdict

The TP Toss Game is a silly but perfect high-energy boredom buster in the prevalent isolation not just for kids but also for the entire family! The best part is that if you’re not happy with the product for any reason, the company offers a ‘No-Hassle Return’ policy. Simply return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no questions asked.

Order it today and see for yourself why this game is so hard to keep in stock!

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December 14, 2020


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TP Toss Game Review: Farewell to Isolation Blues!

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TP Toss Game Review: Farewell to Isolation Blues!

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