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SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock Review

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Imagine this for just a moment:

You are on a long road trip. Driving across country or down the coast, with your family in tow. The trip has been a ton of fun – a lot of memories made – but now you have to stop at a roadside motel or hotel for the night to recharge before continuing your journey.

You do everything you can to find a “nice spot in town” to sleep, but still aren’t in love with the place that you had to pick because everything else was full.

Walking into the room, you notice just how flimsy and delicate the lock is. But you already paid, you’re already unloaded, and your family is already starting to fall asleep.

Too late to do anything about your security, right?


When you have the SHLD in your back pocket (or in one of your bags/suitcases) you are always able to immediately – and dramatically – upgrade your security on the go.

This amazing portable door lock system works to give you extra peace of mind and a ton of privacy and security. Made out of heavy-duty construction materials, it’s engineered to “take a licking and keep on ticking”.

You’ll be able to sleep a whole lot easier when you know your SHLD portable door lock is installed.

Best of all, you’ll be able to uninstall this hotel portable door lock in the morning and use it again (and again and again) from here on out!

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into this SHLD portable door lock review to learn more.

SHLD portable door lock

What is a SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock?

To put it simply, the SHLD portable door lock is a one-of-a-kind accessory that instantly gives you extra security and peace of mind whether you are staying at a hotel, motel, away at a friend’s, at an Airbnb – or even at home!

The idea behind this amazing little piece of security technology is really simple and straightforward:

You add a portable lock to any inward swinging door (and we mean any inward swinging door) inside just a few seconds, but enjoy the extra security that a dedicated deadbolt security system would have brought to the table.

This is real security here, not security theater.

Best of all, you don’t need any special tools or any special skills to make the most of the SHLD portable door lock.

All you need is the compact, lightweight, but strong and durable lock itself, any inward swinging door, and a couple of seconds of your time.

Then you are off to the races!

SHLD portable door lock

Is the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock Legit?

You bet the SHLD hotel portable door lock is legit.

This amazing little gizmo has already been purchased by thousands of people looking to protect themselves when they are away on vacation, away on business, or just pulling off to a roadside spot so that they can get a little rest.

Trusted by folks clear across the country (and even available for folks living or vacationing overseas), this amazing little piece of engineering uses the power of leverage and strong construction materials to give you the security you deserve.

No other portable door lock from the outside option on the market today can compete with the SHLD – certainly not in any head-to-head performance-based competition, anyway.

This thing is as legit as they get!

SHLD portable door lock

How Does the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock Work?

The way that the SHLD portable door lock works is pretty ingenious.

All you have to do is insert one part of the portable door lock system onto the door strike plate. Every door (and we mean EVERY door) has a strike plate on it.

Close the door, keeping the chained plastic part of the door lock in your hand.

Then insert the rod part of the hotel portable door lock into the triangular opening on the SHLD portable door lock system, slide the mechanism, and you are off and running!

It really is that simple and straightforward.

You’ll probably have to practice using the SHLD portable door lock a little bit before you get the hang of it. But even with zero practice whatsoever you should still be able to add an extra bit of security with this system inside of 30 seconds or less.

Practice even just a little bit – or just get the hang of using the SHLD from taking it with you on your traps – and you can cut that time down to 15 seconds or less.

Imagine being able to add a secondary lock you are in complete control over, anywhere you stay (anywhere with and in swinging door), in no time at all.

Sound too good to be true?

Check out this portable door lock from outside system and find out for yourself.

SHLD portable door lock

Does the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock Really Work?

Yes, we really want to hammer this point home – and it’s something that every SHLD portable door lock review will hammer home as well – this system really works.

There are no smoke and mirrors.

There are no gimmicks.

This is a well-built (somewhat argue overbuilt) steel locking mechanism that’s going to give you a lot more peace of mind when you lay your head down to sleep at a hotel, motel, or other accommodations.

It works. It works better than anything else on the market, even!

Truth be told, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to think about vacationing without this stowed away inside one of your bags.

Especially since it’s so affordable and easy to use.

Get your hands on a SHLD portable door lock today.

SHLD portable door lock work

SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock Features and Benefit

  • 100% Portable design, can be used (almost) anywhere
  • Setup allows you to secure your doors in seconds
  • Made from lightweight but super strong steel material
  • Compact enough to stow away in a wallet or purse
  • No training or special skills necessary to use
  • Gives an extra layer of protection and security
  • Protects travelers, homeowners, children, and guests

How to Set Up a SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock?

Set up is effortless with this portable door lock for hotels, motels, and other accommodations.

Like we mentioned earlier, all you have to do to use and set up this hotel portable door lock is:

  • Insert the steel part of the lock into the door strike plate
  • Close the door on that metal plate, locking it into place
  • Insert the rod part of the SHLD mechanism into the triangular opening
  • Slide everything into place until it “clicks”

… And you are secure!

On the surface, a lot of people look at the SHLD portable lock and wonder how it could even provide a little bit of safety and security.

Once you understand the power of leverage, how modern locks work, and see firsthand just how well-made this hotel portable door lock is you’ll get what’s so many others already do – you’ll get that this is the real deal, it’s foolishly easy to use, and it’s a must-have for anyone that travels.

SHLD portable door lock

What’s Included with the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock?

Something that’s really cool about the SHLD is that it isn’t ever trying to be more than it actually is.

This secondary locking mechanism is exactly what it looks like:

A really elegant and almost minimalist solution for beefing up your security without having to spend a small fortune on confusing, heavy, or difficult to use tools.

This means that the “extras” included with the SHLD lock are pretty basic.

In the box you’ll find the SHLD system itself, an instructional manual to let you know how to best use your new portable door lock, and a warranty card.

That’s it.

Like we said a moment ago, there’s no smoke and mirrors and there’s no gimmicky stuff with the SHLD.

This is a company – and a product – that takes your safety and security seriously. They don’t feel the need to overwhelm you with a lot of stuff that really won’t help to protect you.

On top of that, eliminating too many “extras” in the box when you order the SHLD helps to keep the prices low, too.

There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

How is the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock Better Compared to Competitors?

There really aren’t any other products on the market today quite like the SHLD.

Sure, there are copycats and shameless ripoffs that try to do exactly what the SHLD portable lock does. But all of them (universally, we are talking here) fall well short of expectations and never offer the protection that this legit product does.

Some competing products have tried to even one up the SHLD, never realizing that the reason this product is so minimalist and so straightforward is so that it could be as easy to use – and as safe – as possible.

The SHLD hotel portable door lock doesn’t have a lot of extra components or moving parts.

That means there’s fewer things to break down. Fewer things to fail. Fewer things to compromise your security when you are relying on it most.

At the end of the day, nothing on the market can’t hold a candle to the SHLD portable door lock.

If you’re serious about upgrading your security, and want to fall asleep easy and fast when staying somewhere else on the go, you need to have the SHLD portable door lock in ready to rock and roll.

(Every other SHLD portable door lock review on the market today will tell you the same thing, too)

How Can I Use the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock?

A big part of the popularity of the SHLD Pro portable door lock system is that it can’t be used incorrectly.

There’s really only one way that this lock works. There’s only one way to stick it between your door and then lock everything down.

Some folks might think that this means the SHLD Pro portable door lock isn’t as versatile or as useful as it could be. That’s not the case at all.

No, the people behind this product spend a ton of time and a ton of money building something that would work well in almost every situation.

That meant stripping away elements that would make it more difficult to use, slower to use, or hinder the overall level of security the SHLD provides.

Follow the directions highlighted above (the same ones will be found in your instructional manual after you buy the SHLD) and you won’t have anything to worry about.

You’ll know exactly how to use the SHLD Pro.

SHLD portable door lock work

When Should I Use the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock?

It’s difficult to imagine there being a situation where you wouldn’t be able to use the SHLD Pro portable door locking system.

Most people (according to the overwhelming majority of SHLD portable door lock reviews, anyway) use these door lock mechanisms while vacationing and traveling. Every hotel and motel door on the planet swings in towards the room – and that means this is a nearly universal tool you can use pretty much anywhere.

Lots of folks, though, bring the SHLD portable door lock with them when they are staying somewhere new. Maybe a friend has asked you to housesit for them for a little while and you want to beef up the security temporarily.

The SHLD Pro portable door lock works perfectly in that situation.

Plenty of people use this when they stay at Airbnbs, when they go out to a vacation home, or even when they are at home and want to add a little bit of extra security to their front door, backdoor, or even to their personal bedroom door.

That’s right.

In a pinch you could use the SHLD portable door lock on an in swinging door that didn’t have a lock already, just to give you that little bit of privacy and protection.

You might think you’d only use this every now and again. But most people that leave SHLD Pro portable door lock reviews find themselves using it a whole lot more often than they ever imagined – and loving every second of it, too.

Who Should Buy a SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock?

Everyone serious about their personal privacy, protection, and security would do well to get their hands on a portable door lock from outside like the SHLD.

Folks that travel a lot with their spouses, partners, and family members are going to want to think about adding one (or a couple) of these things to their vacation, too.

Traveling salespeople, remote workers, truck drivers, traveling nurses – the list goes on and on.

If you find yourself spending even just a single night on the road, in a hotel or a motel, and just wish you had more protection than the lock installed in the door you’ll want to grab one of these hotel portable door lock systems.

Why Should You Get a SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock?

From a purely mechanical standpoint, the SHLD portable door lock basically doubles your in room security.

If you had a single lock on your door (most hotels and motels do) you’ll have two after the SHLD has been snapped into place.

On top of that, though, you’ll also be locking and securing your room with a lock that only you have complete and total control over.

Your room key is available to the housekeeping staff, to the front desk, and to who knows who else.

That’s a little bit disconcerting for sure.

With the SHLD in place, though, anybody could have a key to your room and the door would still stay locked.

There’s a ton of security, peace of mind, and general ease that comes from knowing that.

How Much Does the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock Cost?

One really cool thing about the SHLD is that it is available as a direct to consumer product.

Sure, this means you won’t be able to find the SHLD in big box stores or major retailers. At least right now, anyway.

But it also means that the price is kept as low as humanly possible.

By carving out the middleman and selling to you direct, the manufacturer of this SHLD solution can keep the price significantly lower on a day-to-day basis.

What’s more, though, is that the people behind this hotel portable door lock can also run any promotion they want to at any point in time – like the 50% off promo they are running right now.

For limited time only, you can get your hands on this portable doorlock at 50% off the already everyday low price.

Not a bad deal, hey?

Where Can I Buy the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock?


The only place you’ll be able to get your hands on the SHLD portable doorlock system is from the official website.

Maybe in the future you’ll be able to find these at hardware stores and big-box retailers. Maybe.

Right now, though, you’ll want to jump over to the official website, grab an SHLD portable doorlock at 50% off (for limited time only), and then leave an SHLD portable door lock review about your experience.

Go grab it!

Does the SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock Have a Warranty?

The SHLD does in fact come with an excellent warranty, giving you price protection and a lot of peace of mind.

You have a full 12 months to try out the SHLD. If – at any point – in those 12 months you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase you’ll be able to return it and get all your cashback, no questions asked.

This warranty also protects your purchase from failure. If the SHLD doesn’t work the way you expected it to, or if a part has become compromised, you’ll get a full replacement or a full refund. Your choice.

SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock Pros and Cons


  • The SHLD Pro Portable Door Lock can be used nearly anywhere, on any in-swinging door
  • Made from heavy duty but lightweight steel and plastic
  • Deploys and secures doors in just a few seconds
  • Provides security at home or while away
  • Super affordable price tag
  • Wonderful warranty to protect your purchase


  • Only available direct from the manufacturer
  • Will work with in-swinging doors only
  • Takes a little time to get used to using
  • Takes longer to pop off than to put on a door

Final Verdict

Make no mistake about it, there are a lot of gimmicky products sold to safety conscious travelers on the market today.

Many of these products promise the moon and the stars when it comes to security – real security – but most of them are merely security theater.

They give you the illusion of safety and protection but will come apart at the seams the first time someone tries to get into your room (if not even sooner).

The SHLD portable door lock does not suffer from that problem.

No, this is very much the “real deal” when it comes to personal protection and safety while staying in hotels, motels, and at an Airbnb.

We’ve mentioned a couple of times throughout this SHLD portable door lock review that this thing will work on nearly any door imaginable – front door, back door, side door, bedroom door, bathroom door, etc.

That’s true.

If the door swings in, and if there is a strike plate, this thing has universal functionality.

Best of all, though, is that you can get your hands on this hotel portable door lock at 50% off for a limited time only – directly from the manufacturer, with lightning fast shipping and a world-class warrantee to boot.

You’ll want to check out this deal just as soon as you have a chance.

Jump over to the official SHLD portable door lock website and see what they have to say. Check out real reviews from real customers that are using this product in the real world. See how safe they feel with this thing protecting them at night.

Get your hands on one yourself and give it a test run.

Just don’t be shocked if it becomes a big part of your road trip and vacation kit. You might even leave a glowingly positive review like so many already have, too!

Get yours now!
July 26, 2022


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