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MaserMi Review: All You Need to Know About This Magical LED Projector

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MaserMi is the perfect option for those who have felt like you needed inspiration to amp up your room’s ambience for get-together nights. Investing in professional lighting setups is expensive, bulky, and frankly, too much work. There should be an easier way to get a good light show without breaking the bank. Well there is, and it’s called the MaserMi LED Projector!

In this MaserMi review we’ll show you how this ingenious little gizmo will completely transform the atmosphere wherever you take it- and your night adventures will never pass as dull again.

What is MaserMi?

MaserMi is a USB-compatible, LED night light projector that can project patterned night lights onto any surface- including the walls of your room or your car roof. It is a tiny cylindrical LED light device- so tiny that you can completely close it within the palm of your hand.

It comes with a small, completely flexible USB cord attached to it which makes it 360-degree rotatable. There are two color models: red and purple – I’d suggest getting both so you can switch between them according to your mood, or combine the two for a double-dazzle effect!

The projector is fitted with a rotating tip that passes the light through filters which give the starry, patterned night sky effect. This gives so much more of a pop and show than a plain light would, resembling the effect created by a disco ball lamp.

How does the MaserMi work?

MaserMi works via a USB connection. All MaserMi reviews say wherever you have access to a USB port, this little light can go with you, which essentially means it can go anywhere!  The cord will attach to any USB device there is, including your laptop, phone, wall charger, the USB port in your car, or a portable battery bank!

Using the MaserMi night light projector is child’s play- you could do it with your eyes closed or, literally, let your child do it for you, as all the MaserMi reviews can confirm.

Once you have ordered MaserMi from the official website (I’ll stress more on “official” later), find a free USB port near you, and simply PLUG IT IN! It isn’t even the as-simple-as-123 process – It’s a 1-step cinch! You simply have to plug it in, and voila- your room goes from plain boring to a jumping club scene!

Adjusting between the patterns

Since the MaserMi ceiling night light projector comes with a wide range of patterns, you can switch between them. You don’t have to go through the hassle of detaching the tip and changing the lens either- all the filters are built into the tip and can be switched by simply rotating it!

Adjusting the angle

The flexible cord allows for free, 360-degree stationary motion. That means you can bend and position the cord in whichever direction you want:

  • Upwards to get the most pronounced effect and bathe the whole room in lighting
  • Sideways at a wall to get a slightly subdued effect, or to light up a particular corner

You can move it around till the angle is just right for you, and once you have set it up, the cord will stay firm in that position until you decide to change it again.

Does the MaserMi really work?

Yes, it does, and there are no two opinions on this! All MaserMi reviews have flooded in the best testimonials for the device, clearly mind-boggled at how such a small, affordable device could provide such a powerful, professional-looking light show.

The transformation is made to blow your mind- your dark, gloomy room will explode in such a warm wash of red (or purple) light, and the starry pattern will add the extra oomph you want, as MaserMi reviews confirm.

MaserMi reviews have claimed that the pictures on the website do not do justice to the real thing- it is even more spectacular in real life!

Some MaserMi reviews say that they tend to take the MaserMi to every hangout, because their friends love it and make a habit of asking them to bring it along to every night get-together!

Where can I use MaserMi?

Wherever you need the easiest, most convenient way to create the perfect mood lighting.

  • Your bedroom: Use MaserMi to create mood lighting in your bedroom or in any room of the house! Use it at night, with lights off, to get the most accentuated effect. It is perfect for lifting your mood, creating a romantic setting to enjoy with your partner, or simply enjoying some solo relaxing time watching a movie.
  • In the movie room: If you are one of those people who like inviting friends and family over for movie nights, then this device will change the plain, gloomy backdrop into a truly cinematic, cheerful ambience. Movie nights will never be the same again! (It doesn’t have to be a movie watch, this light will amp up the atmosphere in any night party!)
  • Your children’s room: Children will go berserk over this little device, even those who are ‘hard to buy for’. They will love the warm, colorful lighting in their room – to play with, use as a night light, or as the ideal magical backdrop while watching TV or having a little party of their own.
  • Your car: Although it is ideal for home use, it can also transform your driving experience. Now when you’re on a drive with your partner, family or friends, and are grooving to the music on the car stereo, this MaserMi LED car roof star night projector will make your surroundings match your mood!

Who should buy MaserMi?

Who do we recommend should buy the MaserMi LED projector? Well, anyone who appreciates some nice mood lighting. But this device is simply a must-have for:

  • Movie fanatics: People who love spending hours on the couch binge-watching Netflix or other movies, this night light projector is sure to give you a more luxurious experience. It is also sure to impress your friends and receive a big “Woah” the next time they come over for a movie night. It can turn a dull night into an expensive-feel, classy staycation!
  • Partygoers: For people who love hosting or going to parties, this light will create the fun, nightclub vibe every late-night party needs! Play some mood music to compliment the mood and you couldn’t ask for a better ambience!
  • Long-drive lovers: Those who love cruising the roads in their ride will love the MaserMi. It will transform your car interior into a starry, romantic night sky.
  • Anyone looking for gift ideas, especially for children: If you need an affordable stocking stuffer gift idea for Christmas, what could be better than a MaserMi? It is the perfect gift to fascinate both children and young adults.

Why should you get a MaserMi?

MaserMi is the most convenient, affordable, and easy-to-use LED projector out there. It costs almost nothing compared to professional lighting equipment (which usually costs a fortune), you’d never have seen a more lightweight or portable device that you can easily tuck into the tiniest pocket, and it couldn’t be easier to use!

This is also such a versatile device, packed into a compact design, with a range of patterns available to choose from. You can take this device practically everywhere you go; there is hardly a place you won’t have a USB port at hand. At the very least, you can plug it into your phone with a USB connector.

Another reason you should get a MaserMi for your kids is that it is built with durable material, hence it won’t break if they play around with it a bit, and it is completely safe too. You do not have to be overly cautious about leaving it near your kids.

MaserMi are manufactured using no less than premium-quality components and give a striking performance for a device of this size!

So, instead of asking why you should get a MaserMi, I believe the question should be, why shouldn’t you? What’s not to like about this exquisite device?

Where can I buy a MaserMi?

Order your MaserMi LED night light ONLY from the official website if you want the authentic version that lives up to all the hype. Do not be tricked into buying fakes and imitations because they will not give you the same performance or life that the original ones do. I just checked and the official website is currently offering 50% OFF for a Limited Time!

And the best part? There is a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! That’s right. If you do not like how the MaserMi performs, you can easily return it within a month of your purchase and get a complete refund.

You have nothing to lose to give it a try then, do you?

The official website also offers fast delivery service, so you do not have to step out of your home at all. They make sure your MaserMi is delivered right to your doorstep!

A Summary of MaserMi Pros and Cons


  • Powerful, stunning light display
  • Available in two vibrant colors: red and purple
  • Versatile: different pattern lenses to choose from
  • Easy-to-use
  • USB-operated
  • Low price
  • Safe for children
  • Very small size, lightweight, and extremely portable
  • Flexible: 360-degree rotatable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Home delivery


  • Is not chargeable or battery-operated, needs a constant USB connection
  • The lights are stationary, you cannot change it to your favorite design or pattern
  • Only available online

Final Verdict

The MaserMi LED lights are a brilliant piece of technology that offer an unbelievable multi-functional design at the lowest price point. Now you can experience the fun in a big atmosphere without having to spend hundreds of dollars on professional lighting devices.

How much value is packed into a small design is too good to believe. This tiny, finger-sized light can jazz up your whole room or your car and turn it into a breathtaking view.

You’re not bound to keep it home either- wherever you go, you can take the atmosphere with you!

Everything you need is right here with the MaserMi – so whether you need a mood-lighting solution for your next get-together, a fun night light for your children, or want to give someone a gift they will love, you should order your MaserMi today!

December 10, 2020


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