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Features to look out when buying a fitness tracker

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Fitness Tracker

For a health enthusiast or anyone who is taking small steps to get physically fit, you might want to consider getting a device that will monitor your vitals and track your training performance to achieve concrete fitness goals. If you haven’t heard of it yet, an accurate fitness tracker will surely be your partner in accomplishing your fitness plans. You may get lost with so many fitness trackers to choose from but make sure to find one that will suit your budget, fit your needs, and your active lifestyle. Before you dive into the market, check out what features to look for when buying a fitness tracker.

Affordable Fitness Tracker

You would not want to waste your money on a piece of a device with limited use. Before locking it all in, make that the functionality and durability of the fitness tracker you are purchasing are worth the price. The good news is there is a vast selection of the best cheap fitness trackers available in the market that will help you get into shape without hurting your wallet.

If you are looking for a simple and discreet fitness tracker at an affordable price, you can check out Koretrak, which is both a fitness device and a smartwatch. With less than half the price of a Fitbit device, you already have an inexpensive fitness tracker that can help you get serious in your fitness journey. To prove that it’s a trusted brand, Koretrak even offers a money-back guarantee. Visit Koretrak reviews for more information about this fitness device.

Intelligent Fitness Tracker

When choosing among fitness trackers sold in the market, you need to look for the most accurate fitness tracker. The best fitness band is not only limited to monitoring vital signs but has other smart functions. Look for key features that would make it more convenient and at the same time, allow you to manage your daily fitness activities.

An intelligent fitness tracker should give you a seamless user experience. One fitness tracker that has all the important functions for assisting any athlete on a daily grind is the KoreTrak fitness tracker. It has the basic functions, like monitoring your health status by checking your heart rate, blood pressure, even your oxygen levels. It has accurate readings of these because of its biometric sensors. Another function is its capability to monitor and calculate the number of calories burnt for every exercise and physical activity. Not only does it track your active lifestyle but also your sleep patterns. As you know, sleep has a big impact on your physical health and mental state. You will surely get your money’s worth for having a fitness and sleep tracker all in one wristband.

KoreTrak has other built-in capabilities like a built-in digital watch. It also has the capability to show notifications from your phone when connected to your device, a convenient way to keep yourself updated with your business and work, while simultaneously tracking your fitness journey. It is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS operating systems.

Long Battery Life

A major thing to consider before buying the right fitness band for you is the battery life. There will come a point where you have to take off your fitness tracker to recharge or change its battery. This might stop all the tracking activities causing some gaps with your data.

Most fitness trackers can work up to one to two days but there are amazing ones that can survive until a week or even up to 6 months. You can opt for trackers with watch batteries. These last longer, though may require a replacement every year or so. But, there are also fitness bands with rechargeable batteries using a standard USB port. A good rechargeable fitness tracker should have a fast-charging capability.

If you are looking for a fitness tracker with long battery life, try out the KoreTrak fitness tracker. It has direct USB charging with more than 20 hours of use in between charges. You can simply connect it to a power bank or your laptop and you will be tracking your progress without interruptions.

Other Features

With so many fitness trackers sold in the market, you may have a hard time choosing which is best. But, what can go wrong with an exciting fitness tracker that has specs and features that will further motivate you to get active?

A worthy fitness tracker should have a sleek design. Make sure that the display will vividly show you your progress throughout the day. Fitness tracker color displays come in either black or white, or none at all. Fitness trackers come in many forms and sizes. Apart from the aesthetic, make sure that your goal is to get a comfortable, easy-to-wear fitness tracker. You can even look for the thinnest fitness tracker out there in the market for a light-weight, fashionable feel.

You may want to look for a water-resistant fitness tracker which will be suitable for rainy days or water activities like swimming. Avoid the hassle of having to answer phone calls with your device, there are fitness trackers that have a hands-free phone feature for convenience and safety. Not only should your fitness tracker be monitoring your active state, but also your sleep patterns or even your stress levels to help you manage your day-to-day activities. You can also get a fitness tracker with a built-in GPS to guide your path and keep you from getting lost. Lastly, a fun feature is a fitness tracker with a music player to boost your energy and mood as you move.

Bottom line

Fitness trackers can be your best buddy as your work-out. They can provide you with helpful information that will allow you to tailor your physical training programs for your body. Getting a fitness tracker will help record your health and fitness statistics, along with your daily progress, in just one wristband. Make sure that you’re choosing the affordable one, yet complete with a set of intelligent capabilities and specific features, accurate results, and wearable design.

October 27, 2020


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