September 10, 2020

I needed some help when choosing a WiFi extender, but now I’m a pro. There are a lot of different features and specs that you’ll need to know about, and unless you are a tech savvy person, you won’t know how to choose a WiFi extender that works best for you. What I’m going to […]

Slow Internet speeds? I hate them. I use my Internet extensively, so when my speeds are slow, I definitely notice. When I call my ISP, I always get the same thing: Reset your router Reset your modem It’s SOMETHING ON YOUR END It’s a losing battle. ISPs know that you don’t have many options, so […]

September 8, 2020

Modern technology is filled with undecipherable jargon, all kinds of crazy acronyms, and “inside lingo” used by tech heads and geeks that folks on the outside of the tech bubble have a tough time understanding.  Take WLAN, for example.  You could probably ask 100 people on the street what does WLAN mean and maybe 15 […]

To put it bluntly, almost all of us are drowning in Wi-Fi signals these days.  Every home, every school, every office, and every coffee shop has a Wi-Fi router set up – broadcasting high-speed internet all over the place, with signals overlapping one another left and right.  We definitely do not have a connectivity issue, […]

Have you noticed that your Wi-Fi signal just doesn’t seem as strong or as fast as it was in the past?  Has your Netflix account started to stutter and load a lot more than it used to?  Are you not able to jump online and game while someone else is using the web to browse […]