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    If you don’t have TV Buddy here’s what you’ve been missing

    TV Buddy reviews are mixed, but there are some key points you should consider before getting one for yourself. I can’t speak for everyone, but since getting the TV Buddy, I’ve been able to share my screen wherever I go, instantly. If you’re looking for a reliable, fast, screen casting device, TV Buddy is the ideal device to enhance your home entertainment.

    First thing to consider is whether you really need a TV Buddy Caster or not. Some people that are not too familiar with the technology may misunderstand what a screen casting device really does. There are no “free” channels with a casting device, however, you can access the media from your phone, which is no cost to you, since you already own it. So, if you are looking for free channels, this may not be the right device for you.

    What does the TV Buddy Caster do?

    It does just that, cast from your phone or device to the big screen. And in my opinion, it doesn’t really need to do anything more than that. It’s not complicated to use and does a brilliant job at doing what it’s supposed to do. There are no special streaming services created specifically for this device, but if you already have your own accounts for your favorite media services, you should have no problem finding something to binge watch on your days off.

    If you read up on other TV Buddy Caster reviews, you’ll see most people use it primarily for home entertainment. When I first purchased mine, that’s what I thought I would be using it for too. But turns out, there are several uses for this device:

    • Share your media
    • Listen to music
    • Social media
    • Home entertainment
    • Slideshows
    • Work presentations
    • Weddings
    • Tutorials
    • Learning tool for students
    • Sharing your streaming services on the big screen

    Making the most of your device

    There were a few recommendations on the TV buddy website, which are pretty important to the performance of your TV Buddy. But the most imperative is your internet connection. If you have slow internet, your TV Buddy won’t perform at full capacity. Getting a Wifi extender will improve the performance of your TV Buddy and ensure you get the best picture and resolution on any screen.

    You can check internet speed by performing a standard Wifi speed test at home. And if you’re familiar with how to set up a router properly, you’ll be sure to make sure all obstacles are out of the way. This includes large furniture, mirrors, and thick walls, if possible.

    By boosting your existing connection from your router, gives you the opportunity to really take advantage of what TV Buddy caster really has to offer.

    Small, Sleek Design

    One of the things that really works in favor of the TV Buddy, is its size. It’s small, compact, lightweight and fits in your pocket. The design of this device is meant for convenience and optimal storage. Because it’s so small, you can pretty much take it anywhere. I recently went on a month long vacation with the girls, and we would end every night in our hotel room, sharing the pictures and videos we took throughout the day. There was never a dull moment. Even on rainy days when we were forced to stay in, we could still stream our favorite movies and TV shows. The only issue we really had that trip, was agreeing on what to watch!

    Easy Set Up

    I’m not very tech savvy, so when I read the TV Buddy reviews and realized none of these people were tech savvy either, I was very relieved. This device is made for everyday people who just want to watch their content on a screen that’s bigger than their phone.

    Here’s how easy it is to set up:

    1. Attach the TV Buddy to the HDMI socket of your TV
    2. Connect the device to the USB power cable (included in package)
    3. Change input to HDMI 2
    4. Pair device with Wifi (about 30 seconds)

    After setting up, you can try testing out a few different streaming services. If you have a good internet connection, or opted to get a Wifi repeater, you should be seeing lag free audiovisual quality. Some people often wander does tv buddy really work, but it is all dependent on your existing router and the set up. If you don’t give it time to adjust after making a few changes, it may not perform at its best. You might even think you’re falling for a TV Buddy scam.

    TV Buddy Cost

    Compared to other screen casting devices, the TV Buddy cost is the most affordable as well as easiest to use. And unlike its competition, the results are almost instant. According to TV Buddy caster reviews, other screencasting devices vary in price range, but the TV Buddy is the only one that works this fast and well.

    When I first tried ordering one, they were all sold out. So when I checked back again almost a month later, I made sure to get a few just in case. I was able to get 3 for $112.39. This was the best deal at the time and I had absolutely no regrets getting them.

    Unfortunately, TV Buddy is only available online, so if you’re the kind of person who needs to try things out in the store before you buy, you won’t be able to do that with this. But the good news is that you can return your TV Buddy if you decide it’s not for you. There is a great return policy without any hassle.


    • Screen sharing from your device
    • Easy set up
    • Endless streaming possibilities


    • Needs adequate Wifi connection

    The Final Verdict

    This is a great device for home entertainment. Whether you live with other people, or just like to host, this is a great little device to keep in your pocket. Just make sure you’re getting the most out of your device by checking your internet speed or getting a Wifi booster.

    Every time I have friends over and I take out my TV Buddy, everyone knows it’s time to pick a movie or watch our favorite show. And even social media is more entertaining when everyone gets to see who you’re swiping left or right on.



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